Monday, 22 August 2011

Deal Is On

Every time I go to check my inbox, it's been inundated with emails from deal websites trying to get me to 'jump on' cheap car washing, massages and holidays. But every couple of days a restaurant advertises a deal that actually seems worth 'jumping on'. You've got to be careful though. The other day I saw a local Thai restaurant that was advertising a cheap deal, however when I went to their website and added up all the prices of what they were offering it was more of a rip off than a deal! 
A couple of weeks ago I jumped on a deal for 2 flatbread pizzas and a bottle of wine at Cabinet Bar ( in the city for $29. The bar turned out to be really cool - it has a balcony overlooking Swanston St but because of it's entrance in Rainbow Lane, it was less crowded than other bars on a Friday night. We chose a roast duck, mushroom, blue cheese and plum sauce flatbread,  and one with spicy chorizo and mushroom. The flatbreads were tasty but I wouldn't necessarily return for them (they are usually $17.95 each). But the location and cocktail list is worth returning for!

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